Because the #cop26 may be over, but of course it’s not done! At IN.credible, we continue to look for ways to contribute ourselves. And that makes for some great finds, which we love to share so you can join us! That’s why today we are launching our Sustainable Lifehacks series.

Prior to the practical tips, today we start with the basics: Knowing, and especially feeling, what you’re doing it for. Fall in love with nature again! Because that which we love, we want to protect.


So seek out nature: enjoy the autumn empire of gnomes, listen to what the forest or the sea wants to tell you, admire those ancient trees in the city and stomp in the mud like a little kid! But also feel what it does to you when that beautiful old tree in the square has suddenly become a cut-down stump. Too sick to stand, the roots still sadly intact.

Places that make us really happy? β€πŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸ¦‹
The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes, De Kaapse Bossen in Doorn, Dune Area Meijendel, De Slufter on Texel, Het Tunneltjesbos (‘t Haagje) in Driebergen, De Kuil van Drakensteyn in Lage Vuursche and De Kop van Schouwen.

We wish you lots of fun! And will you share your “what-is-the-nature-too-gorgeous-tips” in the comments?

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