Bio- Energy Power Plant -Cuijk-INcredible

An old bioenergy plant brought into the future

Energy production from discarded materials for which there is no other useful use
Leftover prunings, scrap wood and paper sludge from the immediate area
Not one square meter of forest lost
With the goal of making the Haven Cuijk industrial park completely climate neutral by 2030

Heat supply as an added value

An old bioenergy plant to be shut down after only 10 years – four entrepreneurial experts thought that was unacceptable. Working with an investor and supported by the local municipality, province and funders, they breathed new life into the plant in 2015. With a capacity of about 80 MW, the plant provides green power for about 35,000 households annually. They also sell sustainably produced heat to three major factories in the industrial park. To make that happen, they built a new heat grid over which the heat is transported: a valuable and smart addition to the plant if you ask us!

Responding to market opportunities: investing in storage

In 2021, entrepreneurs saw another opportunity to do their part in a troubling trend in the energy market, namely the increasing imbalance on the power grid. They invested in a 10 MW/20MWh battery system and a 10 MW electric boiler, which proved to be a useful complement to the biomass power plant on the one hand and should make an important contribution to stabilizing the electricity grid in Northeast Brabant on the other. Two birds with one stone.

Convenience serves man: we are happy to lend a hand

You might ask yourself: if they have it all so well in hand, what did they need IN.credible for? An easy-to-handle dynamic financial model for the composition of different businesses that has become more complex over time – that is what was still missing. Working closely together, we created a model in which the business case of the biomass plant and that of the battery come together. Not to mention, the holding structure and interrelationships between the various group entities. And under the guise of “convenience serves man,” records can be uploaded from the accounting system at the touch of a button. The result? A model that allows business owners to easily print reports, make forecasts and understand the value of their business at any point in time. So an all-encompassing model.

Services provided

Modeling , Reporting , Rating

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