Energy transition is available to all

Saving energy without investing,
and thus achieve your sustainable goal.
With a long-term contract, so guaranteed cost savings.

That’s Energy as a Service.

Saving energy without investing?

The energy supply of many properties is often inefficient. A common reason is limited budget availability. Or that actual efficiency of energy-saving measures is uncertain. Thus, many building owners are missing opportunities. “Energy as a Service” can be a solution: a service company performs energy-efficient upgrades and the customer a periodic fee. The savings on energy bills often outweigh the additional costs. This makes the energy transition accessible to everyone. At the heart of the Energy as a Service concept is a long-term partnership with performance guaranteed. These agreements are laid down in an energy performance contract between the owner of a building and the company that realizes and maintains energy-saving measures. The result is a resulting building without the investments. Cost savings on energy costs, focus on their own operations and the building is more sustainable. A win, win, win!

What can we, IN.credible, do?

Long-term cooperation requires an agreement with understanding. We are happy to help achieve that. By connecting parties, tasting everyone’s interest and making the financial side of transactions. With this insight, we bring parties together and help develop appropriate financing solutions.

IN.credible can also help companies as an independent consultant regarding:

  • Developing a transparent contract structure
  • Preparation of business case and modeling of cash flow projections
  • Preparation of a business plan suitable for attracting funding
  • Structuring an appropriate financing product
  • Risk allocation: the allocation of risk between the service company and operations.

IN.credible can also help independent consultants with the:

  • Review of contracts
  • Understanding the payback period
  • Understanding financial savings
  • Distributing risk between the service company and operations

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