The largest citizen initiative
of the Netherlands

A world-class cooperative project. Owned by more than 5,000 cooperative members.
Incorporated into the famous Delta Works. Where the forces of nature measure up.
And the turbines pause for passing bald eagles.

Not just any wind farm

Everyone who is (or was) involved in the Krammer wind farm felt it: we are doing something special here. The construction of narrow breakwaters with large turbines, no less than 34 of them, without interference with nature and, above all, in local ownership. Many people were of the opinion that this was madness. But it worked: a complex feat of engineering at the world known Delta Works in the Netherlands. The Zeeland-South Holland project was so well structured that the financiers competed to get involved. A wind farm whose size appeals to international banks. But most importantly, it managed to maintain its cooperative nature. A project that deserved a royal opening at the end of construction.

“Ilse and Niels are not only very good at their jobs, they are also very OK. Dedicated and reliable, with positive energy. They are the stars at Krammer. You would like to have Ilse and Niels on your team.” Tijmen Keesmaat – (former) Project Manager

At wind farm krammer you do not leave like that

Our personal involvement in this wonderful project goes back long before the creation of IN.credible. In fact, IN.credible is the result of this collaboration. Niels joined as financial manager in 2015, while Ilse started calculating Krammer’s business case already in 2012. It has been an honour for us to be responsible for the financing of this project and it was with great pleasure that we also fulfilled the role of financial manager during the construction phase. In 2020, we supported the share transaction that gave Deltawind and Zeeuwind 60% ownership. That created room for the new shareholder: Kalista. We continued in 2021: The second bond issue has become a reality!

Project website: Krammer Wind Farm

Services provided

Structuring Ability , Contracting , Funding, Public Participation

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