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Local ownership as an engine for sustainable communities

Working with the local community
Achieve annual wind power generation of 129 GWh by 2030
In line with the goals of the Regionale Energie Strategie Achterhoek

Local ownership as an engine for sustainable communities

More and more municipalities are determined to put the Climate Accord and the National Program Regional Energy Strategy (NP RES) into action and have made concrete commitments to generate renewable energy. An essential aspect of achieving this goal is increasing the involvement of local communities. By encouraging active participation by local people, a win-win-win situation: while contributing to meeting climate goals, and strengthening local community involvement, it also keeps some of the economic benefits within the community and creates opportunities to strengthen the local economy.

Insights into the possibilities

IN.credible conducted valuable research on local ownership of a wind energy project in the municipalities of Berkelland and Oost Gelre, taking into account legal, financial and organizational aspects. This research shows that local ownership is an important factor in the energy transition. It promotes resilient communities that are actively involved in energy production and decision-making, leading to support, acceptance, economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. Engaging local communities in renewable energy projects can collectively accelerate toward a greener future. The results of the study provide valuable insights and practical tools for the municipalities of Berkelland and Oost Gelre and other stakeholders to implement local ownership and develop sustainable communities.

Services provided

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