Perseverance is key

A young andambitious cooperative from Almere
bold enough to buy two turbines from a major energy company
And by being involved right from development, can now offer its members their own electricity
Own wind, own wind turbines, own electricity. A textbook example of optimal participation

What a small cooperative can achieve.

Starting with nothing, but with a lot of patience and perseverance, Almeerse Wind has acquired its first wind farm. After a long process leading to local ownership, two of the ten wind turbines are handed over by Vattenfall to Almeerse Wind on a turnkey basis. Overlooking the island of Pampus in ‘t IJ and located in the Pampushout district, the name Pampus Wind was a given. And there is something else to be proud of: the Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) are provided free of charge to a local energy cooperative from which Almeerse Wind members can purchase their energy. In this way, members not only have the opportunity to participate financially, but can also use the green electricity produced by the wind farm in their daily household. How exciting it is!

First times? you never forget them.

With such a first project, it’s natural that many new things – sometimes overwhelming – come towards a cooperative. After all, it is not only financial matters that are important, but also challenges such as selecting the right insurance, the agreements with Vattenfall in a purchase contract and the recruitment of an asset manager for the operational phase. Everything must be taken into account! Together with Almeerse Wind, we are going through this intensive process so that after the transfer of ownership, they will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to successfully manage the Pampus Wind project.

Financing is needed to make the acquisition a reality.

In addition to organising the bank financing, our role is to assist the cooperative in issuing bonds to give members a financial stake in the wind farm, allowing them to participate in its operation through ownership. The completion of the wind farm and its acquisition has become a reality in 2022.

Services provided

Structuring Ability , Contracting , Modeling , Funding

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