IN.credible - project - REDstack

Reverse Electro Dialysis? Yes, of course!

An Innovation in Blue Energy
Where sweet and salty meet
And the time is ripe for scaling up

With a financial model on which to build.

Where fresh and salt meet

Sustainably generating electricity with a process called Reverse ElectroDialysis is what REDstack does. Where fresh and salt water meet, electricity can be generated from the difference in salinity. This green power is also known as Blue Energy. An innovative technology that we at IN.credible are excited about and is already being applied on a small scale at a location on the Afsluitdijk

Scaling up Blue Energy power plants

We brought together IN.credible’s financial knowledge and REDstack’s technical knowledge in a great partnership. That resulted in a financial model that allows REDstack’s team to calculate the feasibility and profitability of potential Blue Energy power plants. In addition, IN.credible built a second model to assess the business case for producing stacks (stacks of membranes needed for reverse electrodialysis). This allows REDstack to make financial projections and inform potential investors.


Services provided

Structuring Ability , Contracting , Modeling , Funding

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