INcredible-sun The Grift Project - The Grift

Sun meets wind

An entire energy landscape realized by the local community.
A solar farm will be added to the wind turbines.
And for that, the cable is shared with 2 techniques (and 2 funders) (cable pooling).

The future of energy transition!

Smart use

The four turbines of wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe are getting company. Under the wind turbines, Solar Park de Grift is being developed, which, like the wind farm, is owned by Energy Cooperative WPN. Zonnepark de Grift (5MWp) forms the start of Energielandschap de Grift with Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe. The available land at the wind farm will be optimally utilized for renewable energy generation from wind, solar and, in the future, storage. Citizens thus make a unique contribution to making their own environment more sustainable.
Combining wind and solar energy provides benefits. When the wind blows, the windmills provide electricity. When the sun shines, the energy comes from the solar farm. The power generated by the wind turbines and solar panels will soon go to the power grid through a single cable: cable pooling! The construction of the wind farm has already taken this into account.

A cooperative financing process

IN.credible is supervising the entire financing process for the solar farm. That starts with determining the ideal capital structure and it ends with Financial Close. Along the way, we prepare the financial model and an information memorandum for the financiers; work out the best combination of senior, junior and equity capital; select the most appropriate bank with which to negotiate the financing documentation, while also supervising due diligence. In this case, financial close means not only that bank financing becomes available, but also that the cooperative’s citizen financing is brought into the project as equity. We are almost there!

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