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Realisation is a matter of coordination

Consists of 11 wind farms, each with its own constituency,
Going through 11 funding processes in parallel,
Participation in a comprehensive development process together

That requires some coordination!

A project of national importance

Flevoland, the province that already generates 25% of the Dutch wind energy, is an important region for achieving the Dutch climate goal. Therefore the province has opted for clustering wind turbines in large projects. This is what Windplan Groen is providing for on behalf of the eastern part of the Flevoland region. Its task is no small one: replacing 98 existing turbines for 86 new ones. Its production will account for a total of 1.9 billion kWh per year, having an installed capacity of nearly 500 MW. With this scale Windplan Groen is able to produce enough annual electricity to power the entire province of Flevoland.

Coordination is the key to realisation.

Wind Plan Groen consists of 11 wind farms that will be realised under the umbrella of Windkoepel Groen. They apply for permits together, buy wind turbines together, but each with its own power contract and financing. In his role as financial coordinator, Niels de Fijter is responsible for the financial coordination between the wind farms. He is constantly looking for synergies and efficiencies by doing things together as much as possible. This involves a great deal of balancing between common goals and the interests of the individual wind farms. A special task for Niels is public participation. With the aim of launching it before the wind farms are commissioned, this is being prepared jointly by the 11 wind farms.

Services provided

Structuring Ability , Contracting , Funding, Public Participation

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