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Big, bigger, biggest

220 existing turbines,
Replaced by 83 new ones,
With 4 different turbine types4,
 200+ agricultural families
1200+ plots.

The project of large numbers: Zeewolde Wind Farm.

A great wind farm by and for the local community

And we are not just talking about physical size. The province of Flevoland has combined the development of new wind turbines with the renewal of existing ones. A challenging task for the initiators being the association of local farmers. The wind farm consists of 6 lines of 4 different types and sizes due to radar regulations. Close collaboration was required with the two neighbouring projects initiated by Pure Energie and Eneco to install a total of 91 turbines, a logical masterpiece!

It remains impressive how you stood before a group of 200 farmers and managed to take them through the complexities of the business case and financing, in a way that kept everyone captivated and in a tone that struck the right chord.


From modeler to financial director

Our involvement with Windpark Zeewolde started in 2017 with the appointment of a financial director, followed by financial modelling and a financial project manager. We worked with great enthusiasm on the equity structure for the initiators, while at the same time taking into account the business case and telling the initiators what was possible and what was not. We worked with the financiers to find the best financing structure and we reached financial close in the middle of 2020. By now we are proud that the windfarm with 84 turbines now stands tall, harnessing the power of the wind.

Services provided

SDE applications, Structuring Ability , Contracting , Modeling , Funding

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