Spring is in the air so time for spring cleaning. Old-fashioned? Well no, this is totally hip and happening again. Both your home and you brighten from it. After all, a clean and tidy home guarantees inner peace, so time for action! But how sustainable are our regular cleaning products really?

  • All-purpose cleaners contain many chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our health.
  • These chemicals also enter our groundwater and through the air into our bodies.
  • An average home contains 3 to 5 liters of toxic material in the form of cleaning products.
  • Products to clean your windows with often contain ammonia which can cause respiratory problems.

incredible-sustainabile-lifehack-sustainable-cleaningClean up nicely without harming our planet? Check out our tips because a good start is half the battle!

  • Use products with an EU eco-label and without a warning symbol on them. Among others, Seepje, Ecover, marcel’s green soap, Happy Soaps or a piece of old-fashioned natural block soap.
  • Or make your own all-purpose cleaner by pouring water and cleaning vinegar in a 50%/50% ratio into a spray bottle.
  • Use plastic free cleaning wipes, The sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to microfiber wipes .
  • Én good to know: cleaning is a great workout!: after all, you quickly burn: 400 calories per hour by cleaning your bathroom, that’s just a little more enjoyable.



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