Soaking up the sun in southern Europe? City trip to Prague? Or still prefer a cycling vacation in our own little country? After two corona summers, everyone is eager for a vacation. Sometimes we want to travel further afield but at the same time keep our trip sustainable. What can you look for while booking for a sustainable vacation?

  • Flying has quite a negative effect on the environment. Short flights in particular are very environmentally polluting.[1] Making the same trip by train is 10 times less polluting.
  • Protected natural areas are increasingly affected by mass tourism. Consider the coral disappearing due to pollution and warming seawater.
  • More luxury = more environmental impact! You consume much more in water and energy not to mention the resulting waste.

In.credible-sustainable-holiday-environmentFortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that allow you to minimize your environmental impact. Check out our tips and surprise yourself how easy it is to make your trip more sustainable.

  • Do you like to book through a travel agent? Check which travel agency has the highest sustainability score at
  • ‘Sharing is caring,’ sharing is fun, inexpensive and reduces consumption. Think of companies like Blablacar, Car2Go and Camptoo.
  • gives you insight into how polluting your planned trip is and helps you find alternatives such as beautiful train routes within Europe.
  • Book your trip through, a company that offers travel alternatives through local partners and sustainable projects around the world. #travelaware #milieufriendly#protect nature#sustainableenjoyment


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